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How To Chat Safely With Sexy Live Connections

Sexy Live Connections is guaranteed safe, private and secured. This is a place to confidentially meet local people, make new friends, or flirt with singles within your area. We do not provide any recorded voice actors or any paid operators. All our members can enjoy phone chat service with real men and women, just like you. You can try our free phone chat trial service and when you know you’re ready; you can then join our phone chat lines and enjoy chatting with our very affordable packages!

How to get started on Sexy Live Connections? Below are suggested safety tips and precautions to meet local single men and and women via our chat lines:

  1. Start slow.

    Do not get so overwhelmed with someone whom you just met on the phone. As a precaution, you should be able to start slow and get to know first the person you are talking to. As a general rule, it is just but common sense to observe such precaution. You may want to look at first the person’s behaviour and certain odd consistencies (if any). If ever you may feel uncomfortable, just walk away.

  2. Protect your own anonymity.

    For our free phone chat trial, Sexy Live Connections observes anonymity for all our local singles. We believe this is the safest option to meet local singles on the phone. But in the long run, we do not have control on what you would like to share. So for your own safety, we discourage you to give away any personal information that may lead to your identity.

  3. Be in control.

    It is always up to you if you are ready to meet someone. Even if you already have scheduled for a meeting, you always have the right to change your mind. At Sexy Live Connections, no one is pressuring you. You should be able to learn how to trust your instincts and take control of everything.

  4. Background check.

    At Sexy Live Connections, we respect and adhere strictly to privacy. Thus, we do not have any background checks on our members. If you are interested on someone, we encourage you to do your own background check before scheduling an in-person meeting with him/her.

  5. Watch for any red flags.

    Pay extra attention for anyone who displays anger, intense frustration, or in any way, pressuring or controlling you. You know it’s a red flag when you see actions in a passive-aggressive manner, demeaning or disrespectful comments or any kind of inappropriate behavior.

  6. Only meet in a safe and public place.

    It would be best to meet-up with someone in a safe and crowded place. Do not ever schedule your first meeting in your house. Also, you should tell a friend or relative where you are going and leave your contact information, in case you do not come home at the agreed time.

  7. Do not do anything if it makes you feel unsafe or unsure.

    Do not get embarrassed on what people may think of your behavior. It would be better to feel safe and secure. Feel your guts and trust your instincts. If you are still in doubt, get some advice from a close friend or relative.

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